Belinda Isley Blessing Bead Pic.jpg

Belinda Isley

May your life be filled with many blessings!

Meet the Artist

Ever needed a gift and just couldn't come up with the perfect idea? 

Ever wanted to give someone a little something just to let them know you are thinking about them but couldn’t decide what to give?


We have the PERFECT all occasion gift! Blessing Beads!

Mark and I found ourselves in the same situation thus Blessing Beads were born! Each and every cross is hand made & hand painted. Every single bead is painted by hand with layers & layers of paint. Each stand of Blessing Beads is constructed around the heart of our home, the kitchen!

Our goal is to keep happiness, thoughtfulness, love, gift-giving, and prayer alive and well through sharing Blessing Beads with our friends and family and now YOU! We hope you will choose to share them too.

Help us spread love and kindness through blessing beads!